Haloumi Hash with Eggs Benedict

Preparation time 30 minutes Cooking time 20 minutes Serves 6

Cook up Mum something special this Mothers Day!


Haloumi Hash

400g Desiree potatoes

200g homemade haloumi

1tbsp plain flour

1 egg (we recommend you always use local, free range eggs if you don’t have chickens at home)

Hollandaise Sauce

5 eggs

500g clarified butter

30 mil of white vinegar

30 mil of water

White pepper

To Serve

12 eggs

3 tomatoes

6 portabello mushrooms

oil to pan fry

pinch of white pepper and salt

squeeze of fresh lemon or lime

wedge of lemon or lime

sprigs of basil leaves

Please note: You will need 18 eggs in total for this recipes. 12 for poaching, 5 for the hollandaise sauce and  1 for the haloumi hash



Haloumi Hash

Grate potato into bowl, using your hands squeeze out the excess moisture. Grate haloumi, add to the grated potato and mix in the flour and egg. Divide into 6 portions and set aside.

Hollandaise Sauce

Place vinegar, water and pepper into a saucepan, slowly bringing to the boil and reducing by two-thirds. Pour into a mixing bowl and allow to cool, add egg yolks, then using a fine whisk beat the mixture over a warm to hot water bath until the mixture is light, looking like thin cream. Remove from heat and continue whisking until the mixture cools. Melt butter until it splits or clarifies, add the clarified butter slowly while continuously whisking the mixture until it thickens. Season with salt and a little lemon juice. The sauce will keep for a couple of hours kept between 30°c to 37°c.

To Serve

Cut the tomatoes in half and place on a baking tray and bake in a moderate oven until they just start to break down.

Place oil into a frying pan heat until oil is hot. Pan fry the portobello mushrooms and the haloumi hash browns until golden them place on the oven to keep warm until you are ready to serve.

Poach eggs until soft boiled, use two eggs per person.

To plate up, place the haloumi hash on plate, top with 2 poached eggs and the oven roasted tomato. Place portobello mushrooms to the side, top the dish with the hollandaise and garnish with a wedge of lemon or lime and sprig of fresh basil leaf.


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