Home cheesemaking inspiration: Meet one of our happy customers Luella Rees

Luella Rees is living proof of how fun and simple it is to make your own cheese at home. Luella, a Coffs local, did our very first workshops when we set up shop, and she’s been unstoppable ever since.

She regularly makes several varieties at home: ricotta, washed rind, quark, mascarpone, blue vein, camembert and romano as well as her own yoghurt, all in her own and very normal kitchen.

She’s gotten so confident that she’s even giving us a run for our money by experimenting with gorgeous flavours such as a washed rind using a shiraz wash!

“I love to see the different stages and processes that the cheeses go through” she says. “From the primary product being milk, rennet and a culture to the end result, an example being camembert, that delicate little round of soft cheese being transformed and maturing daily into a soft gorgeous cheese.

“I love to watch day by day as that fluffy, pillowy white skin (mould) grows and blooms around the exterior of the cheese. It’s magic!”

For anyone considering making their own cheese, Luella says that once you try your own, you’ll never want to go back to supermarket versions. “There is a huge difference. I find that the flavour is superior as it has not been commercially manufactured. It is also very cost effective and, last but not least, you have made it yourself!

“Lyndall is my food heroine, she really proves that it is definitely not complicated, nor do you need a science degree or to be an accomplished cook to make cheese!”

Check out some of Luella’s creations here: