Homemade Frozen Yoghurt


  • 500 g Greek style yoghurt
  • 1/2 cup caster sugar or 1/3 cup agarva syrup
  • 200 mil pure pouring cream


Whip cream with an electric beater to thicken, place yoghurt, sugar and whipped cream in ice cream churn for 30 to 40 mins.

Serve strait away.

If you don’t have an ice cream churn, make the same mixture place into a bowl and beat with electric beater to combine. Then place it in the freezer for approx 4 hours removing from freezer every hour and beat with electric beater.

You will be amazed at how quick it is to make your own beautiful thick creamy yoghurt at home! The savings are great, your own home made yoghurt cost under $1.50 per kg, plus you’ll know exactly what is going into it. There is enough culture supplied in our kits to make approx 80kg of yoghurt (check out our Greek Yoghurt and Labne kit for more info).

Yoghurt is an ancient food, its origin dating back as far as 6000BC the word yoghurt comes from Turkey. Yoghurt is fermented milk, probably discovered accidentally by milk being kept in a warm climate. The naturally occurring bacteria in the milk converts the milk to yoghurt which changes both the flavour and texture. It wasn’t long before the health benefits of yoghurt where realised, good gut health is essential to good health. As are looking for a consistent product we use a freeze dried Probiotic culture, it takes the guess work out of making your own home made yoghurt. 



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