How to make a Quark Log


  • 50g of Quark
  • 1tbsp of raisins
  • flaked almonds
  • rum


What you put in your Quark Log is up to your imagination, there are lots of fantastic combinations. A crowd pleaser is always rum and raisins rolled in flaked almonds. Take 50g of Quark and mix 1tbsp of raisins that have been roughly chopped and soaked in rum. Place some cling wrap on the bench and sprinkle toasted flaked almonds in a strip on the cling wrap (roughly 4cm by 12cm).

Place the Quark mix on top and then sprinkle with more flaked almonds. Roll the grad wrap around the quark (similar to rolling sushi). To tighten the log twist each end of the cling wrap in opposite directions. Place in the fridge to cool and set. To serve simply unwrap the cling wrap and you will have a delicious rum and raisin log.


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