Kefir is an ancient, fermented dairy product. Consumed in high volumes in Russia and many Eastern European countries. Additionally, small niches have existed in Norway, Sweden, Germany and several other countries. This cultured, enzyme rich food, with friendly micro-organisms help balance your inner gut health by providing a range of gut friendly bacteria. Considered to be more nutritious and therapeutic than yoghurt,  supplying protein, essential minerals and B vitamins.

As well as the added nutritional benefit, Kefir is thought to contain even more of those good bacteria than yoghurt, which we now know is essential to our overall heath and well-being.

Kefir vs Yoghurt

Both kefir and yoghurt contain beneficial bacteria but they are of different types. Yoghurt is a beneficial bacteria that keep the digestive system clean. Providing food for the friendly bacteria that reside in our digestive track. Kefir, on the other hand can actually colonize in the intestinal tract.

The major difference is that Kefir contains several major strains of bacteria which are beneficial to our gut health that are not commonly found in yoghurt. It also contains several beneficial yeasts which take control and eliminate bad pathogenic yeasts in the body (did someone say superfood?!). They do this by penetrating the lining of the gut where unhealthy yeasts live, which makes the body more efficient in resisting nasty pathogens and parasites.

Kefir also assists in helping to digest foods by keeping the colon environment clean and healthy. The curd size is also smaller than yoghurt which also makes it easier for the very young or elderly to digest.

The best part? It’s REALLY easy to make at home.

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