How to make Labne – Yoghurt Cheese

This is another way to get probiotics into your diet.


  • 1 x Pot of homemade Greek style yoghurt straight from the fridge
  • Garlic
  • Hint of salt
  • Dukka
  • Fresh herbs
  • Dried red capsicum

How to make Labne – Yoghurt Cheese

If you haven’t tried Labne but love yoghurt, you are in for a treat! Similar in texture to a soft, spreadable cream cheese with that lovely yoghurt tang.


To make Labne simply take a pot of homemade Greek style yoghurt straight from the fridge and place cheesecloth over the top. Holding onto the cheesecloth turn it out into a colander that is sitting over a jug. Tie opposite corners of the cheesecloth over a wooden curd hanger and hang in a container in the fridge for 48 hours to remove the whey.

To the strained yoghurt, mix in a garlic and a hint of salt. You can use it as a spread or dip. Alternatively, roll into balls and then in dukka, fresh herbs, or dried red capsicum. The possibilities are endless for flavour combinations – so get creative which what you have already available to you.

Wanting to start making your own fresh greek yoghurt and labne at home? Check out our easy to use Greek Yoghurt and Labne Cheesemaking Kit! You can make your own pot set, probiotic Greek ¬†yoghurt for approximately a $1.60/kg! Not only does it taste great, its jam packed with probiotics and it’ll save you money.


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