The Marcato Electric Pasta Maker is the most popular pasta machine in the world. Now available with a motor at a never to be repeated price!

With interchangeable rollers and cutters for making different kinds of pasta, the legendary motorised Marcato Atlas is the most versatile pasta machine money can buy. Its world-famous reputation comes from its durability and its ease of use. It is an elegant machine with a powerful motor. Its flat rollers and cutters can easily be removed and are fully adjustable to 9 thickness settings.

The motor really speed things up. Making pasta will no longer be a 2 person job. With this machine you can make your pasta and have it on the dinner table 30 minutes later.

It makes a huge variety of pasta types, including lasagne, fettuccine and tagiolini (thin fettuccine).

A beautiful tool for any serious foodie and home cook. The beauty of making your own pasta is its freshness and knowing what’s gone into it. Not to mention the bragging rights! Have a look at our upcoming pasta workshops, where you will learn many tricks of the trade that will have you turning out authentic gourmet dishes.

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Marcato Electric Pasta Maker
Pasta and Gnocchi Workshop
Brie Á La Truffe with fresh pasta