The sustainable whey: Why making your own cheese is a perfect New Year’s resolution

At the Cheesemaking Workshop, we believe that learning to make your own cheese is far more than a hobby. It’s your way of taking back control over what food you and your family eat, and taking control over where your money goes: away from food miles and a mass of plastic packaging, and towards a more sustainable, low-waste, green lifestyle.

Lyndall, our in-house, self-proclaimed “hippie”, says: “It’s important for us all to work towards being as sustainable as we possibly can, cut down on food miles, and take a bit of responsibility for the food we’re consuming.

“The amount of equipment you need at home to make cheese is really green too because you’re just washing and reusing it. And most of all, you save on masses of packaging – especially if you have your own cow or goat.”

This really makes sense. Let’s face it, most of us are pretty switched-on to the need to live a little more sustainably. Most of us are great at doing our recycling, and it’s fairly easy to try to avoid single-use plastic packaging for other staples such as bread and fresh produce. But for a staple such as cheese – not so easy, especially if you consider the amount of single-use plastic vacuum packaging or containers used for commercial cheeses sold in supermarkets. On top of this, it is driven to us from the stores’ hubs located in all four corners of the country. It seems if you want to eat cheese as a staple, you have to buy in to a pretty wasteful exercise.

But there is a sustainable whey, and a New Year’s resolution worth making – learning to create your own cheese!

There’s another huge benefit, and that’s to your wallet. On average, we estimate that the cost of making cheese at home is about a quarter of buying it in a supermarket – and without unwanted additives such as sugar and excess salt.

“It’s a lovely and cost-effective process, making your own cheese,” adds Lyndall. “It’s really fulfilling and quite empowering to take milk in the morning and by the time you get to that afternoon or that evening you’ve got some haloumi to feed the family.

“Best of all, it’s easier than baking a cake!”

See our workshops page to start your fun and green cheesemaking adventures for 2018!