21 February 14

Pears and Cheese

With autumn just around the corner, our seasonal fruit is changing it...

11 February 14

Funny little cheese story

A poor family crosses over the border to the land of milk...

13 January 14

Getting Goatee

All milks are not the same; cheese made from fresh Jersey milk...

13 January 14

Divine Goats Milk Soap

This handmade soap produced by my friend Jenny contains only natural ingredients....

23 November 13

School Science Club takes to Cheesemaking

The afterschool science club from one of Sydney’s Boys Schools had a...

23 November 13

Gift Vouchers

Looking for a gift that will keep on giving? Our Cheesemaking Workshops...

20 November 13

Sunny’s Awards

The Sunny's Business Awards were inaugurated over a decade ago in Coffs...

23 October 13

Costa Creates Ricotta

Making your own cheese is all about sustainability! On November 3 Lyndall...

20 October 13
The Complete Guide to Home Cheese Making Cook Book.

The Cheesemaking Workshop – The Complete Guide to Home Cheese Making

Have you been wanting to being your home cheese making journey but...

23 September 13
Buffalo Milk

Buffalo Milk

Buffalo Milk Buffalo cheese has had a sudden growth in popularity thanks...

23 September 13

Talent Scout Seeks Masterchef Potentials.

Masterchef talent scouts are attending Cheesemaking Workshops in the hope of discovering...

18 September 13
More than just cheese

More than cheese

Here at The Cheesemaking Workshop, we're more than just cheese. If you...

22 August 13

Greek Style Yoghurt

Yoghurt is fermented milk. As with most products like this, it was...

20 August 13

Coconut Yoghurt

As promised, last month Lyndall has been busy experimenting with different recipes...

19 July 13
Homemade quark

10 ways with homemade Quark

Quark is a cream cheese that originated in Germany. While it's not...

18 July 13

Coconut Yoghurt

Coconuts are the latest trend in health foods and homemade Coconut Yoghurt...

06 June 13
Baked Camembert

Winter Warming Recipes

As the weather cools down, we start looking for this hot, comforting...

28 March 13

Persian Fetta

Making your own Persian Fetta, is very similar to making homemade Greek...