In our November Deli News we are continuing the raw milk cheese theme. Check our Pasteurised vs Raw Milk Cheese news article for more. In other words, we’re highlighting a few incredible raw milk cheeses that are available in our Deli this month. Come visit us to try them all.

November Deli News

Must-Try Raw Milk Cheeses

We’ve carefully selected some of the most special raw milk cheeses for you to try. Get in quick because they won’t last long:

  • Sbrinz. First of all, we have Sbrinz. Sbrinz is extra hard aromatic cheese from Switzerland. It’s made from full-fat unpasteurized cow’s milk. It takes a minimum of 18 months to mature. Grated Sbrinz with its spicy aroma is perfect for adding to pasta, risotto, or au gratin dishes. In addition, this versatile cheese is a Swiss alternative to Parmesan.

  • Hornbacher. Secondly, there is Hornbacher means “the baked potato cheese”. It’s made from raw and rich mountain milk. It’s handcrafted and aged by 2 Time World Cheese Champion Michael Spycher. Hornbacher tastes like a “baked potato” rind with notes of roasted nuts, caramel and onions. A must try!

  • Surchoix Gruyere. Finally, we’ve got Surchoix Gruyere is made with fresh full-fat raw milk from dairy cows left to graze naturally. It’s ivory in colour and has rich notes of stone fruits, boiled ham, chestnuts and vanilla cream. Finally, it has a beautiful creamy curd with slightly crumbly texture and crystals.

Visit us to try these (and much more) cheeses and take some home!

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