Our October Deli News are here. As usual, we’re highlighting a few incredible cheeses for you to pay attention to. We’re always so excited to see you in our Deli. Don’t be a stranger.

Don’t Miss November Cheese Club 

Our November Cheese Club is coming up and it’s going to be exciting! Don’t miss it! We’ll focus on French cheeses and wine pairing. We’re going to explore four cheeses with four paired wines.  We also have Leigh from Decante This joining us.

It’s going to be an evening to remember! Join us online and we’ll deliver everything you need to your door (local Coffs Coast only).

October Deli News

Must-Try Cheeses

We’ve carefully selected some of the most special cheeses for you to try. Get in quick because they won’t last long:

  • Cremeux D’Argental. The Cremeux D’Argental has a soft white mould and a slight hint of mushrooms. Its interior is deliciously soft and silky. It has indulgent buttery characteristics as it is produced from milk that has been specially filtered to yield a silkier texture than Brie. A must on your to try list!

  • Will Studd El Esparto Manchego Artesano (PDO). El Esparto Manchego is aged for between 6-9 months until the ivory-coloured interior develops a distinctive sweet moist nutty finish with just a hint of the grasses and wild shrubs that grow on the plains surrounding the farm. Manchego is the most well-known of all Spanish artisan cheeses!

  • Appenzeller®(Mild-Spicy Silver Label). The mildly spicy Appenzeller® Mild-Spicy is cared for at least 3 months with the mysterious herbal brine and is one of the great Swiss cheese specialties. The idyllic Appenzeller hilly landscape with its rich herb grass forms the ideal basis for the natural, strong raw milk with which Appenzeller® cheese is made. Appenzeller® Mild-Spicy can be recognized by its silver label.

  • Delice des Cremiers. Délice des Cremiers loosely translates to ‘delight of the cheese-maker’ hailing from Burgundy, France. It’s completely delightful! The bloomy white mould rind will soften the outside of the cheese when allowed to ripen. Under the thin white rind, the interior is super-decadent. Rich and creamy with a cakey, whipped texture. It will literally melt in your mouth like soft whipped butter, or as Cheryl in our Deli calls it – cheese ice cream.

Visit us to try these (and much more) cheeses and take some home!

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October Deli News