Oh Christmas Cheese, Oh Christmas Cheese… How lovely is your taste…

Christmas Cheeses

All of our Christmas cheeses have been arriving to our deli and are ready for you to enjoy. We have a whole lot of very unique, different and specialty made cheeses that will be just perfect for your Christmas table with your friends and family. In fact, our cheeses will be a simply perfect treat before, during and after Christmas holidays (as you would know)!

Gift Ideas

Come along to have an amazing cheesy time with us. We have plenty of great ideas for some last minutes gift shopping in store for you. There’s so many entertaining gifts to choose from: cheesemaking kits, cheese boards, salt and pepper grinders, gift vouchers and our unique cheese experiences.


Treat your loved ones to the Cheese Club experience of even one of our amazing Pasta And Gnocchi Workshops (we have one coming up on the 5th of January).

Upcoming Pasta Workshop

At our upcoming Pasta And Gnocchi Workshop you’ll learn about Fettuccini, Spaghetti, Agnolotti, Tortellini and Potato gnocchi.

We’ll teach you how to stuff the tortellini and agnolotti with a fresh homemade pesto, spinach and our own handmade ricotta or mushroom ragu, as well create a rich tomato sauce and a chilli and mascarpone (again, with cheese cultured right here on the premises).

You’ll also learn how to turn out perfect potato gnocchi. We will teach you the secret to making gnocchi that’s so pillowy-light, we guarantee that it will change your opinion of this terrific pasta variety.

Our Pasta workshop is practical, easy-to follow and 100% hands on. It will boost anyone’s confidence in creating and handling silky light pasta dough and form it into an unforgettable pasta creations. Once all this delicious food is complete we will plate it up and enjoy a delicious Italian-inspired meal. What a treat!

See you soon and a very Merry Christmas to you and your families.