How to Make Greek and Persian Fetta, Halloumi and Paneer

with The Cheesemaking Workshop

One of the joys of home cheese making is being able to add your own flavours or adjust the salt to suit your tastes. The cheeses made in this workshop are simple cheese to make,  versatile and all ready to eat in less than a week.

Fetta is a brined cheese that is sensational marinated and is ready to eat four to five days after making and you can add your own dried herbs, chilli or spice according to taste. We have a saying here at The Cheesemaking Workshops, “A little bit of Fetta makes life better!”.

Haloumi originated in Cyprus and is very quick to make. It is ready to eat the day after it is made, or you can store it in a brine solution for several weeks. It’s sometimes called “squeaky cheese” due to its feel and texture when eating. Halloumi is a popular cheese cooked on a grill or BBQ. It goes well with Mediterranean flavours and is also a hit at breakfast with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce.

Paneer is used in traditional Indian cuisine. It is a fresh, firm cheese with a mild, milky flavour that goes deliciously well in curries. Just chop it into cubes pan fry it and add to your favourite curry recipe.

The cheeses made in this workshop are so satisfying to make and you see the results so quickly and wonder why it has taken so long for you to produce them at home.

The workshop will give you the confidents and arm you with the knowledge you need to create these beauties at home!

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