How to Make Camembert and Brie

with The Cheesemaking Workshop

We hardly need to sing the praises of camembert and brie – decadent, soft, gooey, can anything beat these gorgeous cheeses?!

This workshop will take the mystery out of making your own camembert and brie, you will be amazed at how simple the process is. If you can bake a cake, you can make cheese. With a bit of your own basic kitchen equipment, cultures, rennet and hoops ( all in our camembert and brie kit ) you will be set to make your own gourmet cheese at home.

We’ll go through all the details of the procedure from start to finish in this workshop – from heating milk, adding culture and mould spores, to cooking and turning the curd, draining and hooping. We’ll also walk you through the brine bath, drying, growing the bloomy rind to  maturing and ageing.

The workshop will give you the confidents and arm you with the knowledge you need to create these beauties at home!

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