How to make Ricotta and Ricotta Salata

with The Cheesemaking Workshop

In our cheesemaking workshop we will show you how to make ricotta and ricotta salata, we will introduce its many applications. Ricotta would have to be the easiest cheese to make! You don’t need any special equipment, the method and technique for this cheese is as simple as the ingredients themselves.

Ricotta salata, which we like to call poor mans parmesan, is just as simple to make! With the added advantage of this cheese is that is can be stored for up to 7 weeks and can be used to grate over your pasta dish.

Another great thing about these 2 simple cheese is that you can use any animal milk to make them, cow, goat, sheep, buffalo. It can be fresh or UHT, it is also a good way to use up milk that is coming to its use by date, and repurpose it.

Home cheese making is a very simple process. Cheese is the oldest form of processed food, it actually predates bread making!

From the range of cheeses we teach, ricotta and ricotta salata are 2 of the best cheeses as an introduction into home cheesemaking. Each of our workshops are designed to take the mystery out of cheesemaking, breaking it down into something that is so simple you will be able to reproduce in your own kitchen. This is a 100% hands on workshop where you will make the cheese

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