How to make Yoghurt, Labne, Quark and Mascarpone

with The Cheesemaking Workshop

In our cheesemaking workshop we will show you how easy it is to make your own Yoghurt, turn that into Labne make Quark which is a cream cheese and Mascarpone.

Yoghurt is a family staple, it is one of the oldest dairy products, full of probiotics which our gut needs to help boost immunity and overall health. Due to its low water content the texture is similar to cream and much healthier to cook with. The yoghurt we turn in to Labne this tangy, think, creamy, Middle Eastern yoghurt cheese is excellent as a spread a dip or to roll into balls and store in oil.

Quark, is a European cream cheese its smooth, soft velvety texture makes it an excellent choice for cheesecakes, dips and specialty cheeses.

Mascarpone originated in Italy, mascarpone is a mild and creamy fresh cheese similar to creme fraiche or sour cream, most commonly know for its use in the Italian dessert tiramisu. Mascarpone make the most delicious creamy pasta sauce and a good dollop on a jacket potato is just a nice.

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