P.S. One to look out for at the deli

Love a nutty, complex, memorable taste experience? We’ve got an adventure for your senses behind the counter at the moment! The Chällerhocker, a raw-milk, cellar-aged semi-hard cheese from a small creamery in Lütisburg, Switzerland, near Zurich. This amazing cheese has a kaleidoscope of flavours and textures ranging from roasted nuts, to melted leek-cream sauce, to slightly spiced crumbly toast.

The name, pronounced “holler-hocker,” can be roughly translated as “sitting in the cellar.” Because, well, thats what it does! Chällerhocker matures in a cellar, sitting on wooden planks for at least 10 months. During this time is is carefully turned and washed in a brine solution before being placed back to rest. Good cheeses just can’t be rushed.

Ask Mel or the team more about this delightful cheese!


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