Let’s talk Pasteurised vs Raw Milk Cheese. Did you know that almost all dairy products in Australia are pasteurised? Let’s take a look at why pasteurisation exists and how does this affect us, the cheese lovers?

What Pasteurised Means

Pausterised means that products like milk, cheese and yoghurt have been heat-treated for a short period to kill any bacteria. Therefore, pasteurising regulations are created as a part of the food safety requirements of eliminating bacteria. However, these regulations are different in every country and quite strict in Australia and New Zealand. 

Pasteurised vs Raw Milk Cheese

Pasteurised vs Raw Milk Cheese is a passionate discussion. Therefore, it’s a delicate balance in the cheesemaking industry as there is an ever-growing appetite for raw milk cheeses amongst the cheese lovers. Raw milk cheeses have incredibly rich and amazing flavour profiles. For instance, the country and the region, grazing pastures and the season comes through in the flavour.

Many Australian Cheese Makers are eager to push the boundaries of raw milk cheese making. Pasteurisation process can take many of these incredible flavours out of the cheese. 

Raw Milk Cheese Advocates

Amongst raw milk cheese advocates is a Tasmanian cheesemaker, Nick Haddow, from Bruny Island Cheese. 

“When the cheesery is on the farm it means you can use milk that is hours old, literally minutes old, milked that morning and that is a critical step to guarantee the quality of that milk,” Nick says on ABC news

Will Stud is another well-known cheese expert and passionate raw milk cheese activist. Who we actually had a pleasure to host at one of our cheese clubs recently.

“If we want small dairy farms, if we want rare breeds, if we want cow welfare, if we want cheesemakers making cheese with skill, if we want cheeses reflecting where they come from we need to make cheese from raw milk, otherwise we are going to be left with industrial cheeses that could be made anywhere and that’s not the sort of future I want to see,” Mr Studd on ABC news

Australian Raw Milk Cheeses

In terms of Australian raw milk cheese, Bruny Island and Section 28 produce some incredible raw milk cheeses.

Raw milk cheeses have a real richness. In other words, the best way to describe them is ‘complex’. If you’re serious about your cheese, you want your raw milk cheese. In addition, raw milk cheese allows you to experience many layers of flavour and depth.

International Raw Milk Cheeses

All famous French Comte is an absolute must to try for serious cheese connoisseurs. We’ve had Comte at our latest Cheese Club paired with wine and it was outstanding. Comte has 83 flavours and aromas that you can pick up out of it.

After that, Jurassic D’Ètè Affinè cheese is only ever made from raw milk and only from the summer milking. It’s sweet, it’s rich, nutty, almost spicy, woody…  all these flavours that come through that you don’t get in a pasteurised milk cheese.

In conclusion, Grana Padano, Parmigiano Reggiano, Pecorino Romano are also made from raw milk and an absolute must-try in our Deli. Visit us or join our next Cheese Club for the incredible cheese adventures.