If you’ve been to one of our cheesemaking workshops and used our cheesemaking kits, you know how important milk is in your cheesemaking process. However not every milk is equally suitable for this. If you have been using Paul’s Organic Non-homogenised milk, we want to bring an update to your attention as their recipe has recently changed.

Paul’s Organic Non-homogenised milk has recently changed to an Extended Shelf Life pasteurisation method. It is no longer suitable for cheesemaking. Extended Shelf Life pasteurisation is a process where the milk is pasteurised to 121° for 25 seconds and then rapidly cooled down.

Paul’s milks update breakdown:

Pure Organic Unhomogenised Milk 1Lt carton – this milk is no longer suitable for cheese making.

Farmhouse Gold Homogenised and Farmhouse Gold Organic Homogenised Milk  – these milks are not suitable for cheese making as both are homogenised milks. Our rennet (setting agent) won’t set a curd in a homogenised milk.

Farmhouse Gold & Pure Organic Milk
Farmhouse Gold Unhomogenised Milk – this milk is still suitable for cheese making.

We use Norco milks ourselves and we are very happy with it.
Happy cheesemaking.

Cheese making at The Cheesemaking Workshop