Our deluxe Persian And Greek Fetta, Haloumi And Paneer Kit contains the basic’s on getting you started on making your own delicious gourmet cheese at home!

On our recent trip to the Hunter Valley, we ran a cheesemaking demonstration at the Hope Estate Cheese and Chocolate Festival showcasing this amazing and easy to use cheesemaking kit. In 45 minutes we covered the basic’s on how to make your own delicious fetta and haloumi at home. Not only was it a fantastic event (we’re already looking forward to going again next year!), we loved seeing everyone enthusiastic about making their own cheeses at home from scratch.

If you’re a cheese lover or passionate foodie, this kit of sure to get you started! Who doesn’t love grilled haloumi? Or some marinated persian fetta infused with herbs? Not only can you make theses cheeses for a fraction of the price, you’ll know exactly whats going into your food, reduce packaging and support our Australian dairy industry all in one! Ticks all round. Plus you’ll be able to brag to your friends about your new cheesemaking skills.

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