Have you heard about pig’s cheese? Various animal’s milk cab be used for making cheese from yak, to camel and donkey (read more here), however pig’s milk is one of the rarest. Pig’s milk is very hard to get and pig’s cheese is not an easy one to find. There are many reasons why with main being that pigs are really, really difficult to milk.

Pigs get extremely aggressive and produce a very small amount of milk at one time (to be specific they only produce milk every two hours for about only 30 seconds, so you gotta be quick). Sows have to be milked by hand as there is sow milking machine doesn’t exist. All in all it’s a risky and questionable thing to execute as pig’s milk also fatter, more watery and much gamier than for example cow’s milk.

However, there have been a few brave and adventurous individuals who gave pig’s cheese a good crack. Brooklyn born Chef Edward Lee got some pig milk by creeping up on the sows while they were asleep. He made some pig ricotta and said it was delicious. We gotta trust him on this one.

A Dutch farmer Erik Stenink successfully made pigs cheese called Piggie Palace. Dutch farmer’s used his 22 pigs who are kept free range and very happy with a play area, a slide and even a trampoline of their own.

Together with ten of his friends farmer milked his sows for endless amount of hours to make just a few pounds of cheese. According to them the cheese turned out chalky and grainy, with a mixture of creaminess and saltiness.

It was sold for $2,300 per kilogram, making it among the most expensive cheese ever produced. Erik has admitted that this was a one time thing.

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