Enzymes, Rennet and Cultures

Enzymes, Rennet and Cultures for Cheesemaking

Easy online ordering with Australia wide delivery available. Making cheese at home has never been so accessible. Our range of Enzymes, Rennet and Cultures for Cheesemaking, has everything  from probiotic yoghurt cultures, to moulds for camembert or blue vein available.

We use a freeze dried lactic bacteria range of starter cultures for cheesemaking. Each of which can be used for the DVS method of cheesemaking (direct vat set). They offer flexibility in use (for various cultures we regularly use the same culture for multiple cheeses), provide consistent performance and results.

All of our products are fine to be posted and can stay out of the freezer/fridge until they arrive to you.

Just starting on your home cheesemaking journey? Be sure to check out our cheesemaking kits.

Here at The Cheesemaking Workshop, we aim to provide you with what you need to make cheese at home. It’s home cheesemaking, made easy!

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