Yoghurt / Ice Cream Makers

Make your own fresh, delicious yoghurt or ice cream at home with our easy to use electric yoghurt or ice cream makers.

Not only is making yoghurt/ice cream at home quick and easy, it’s also cost effective. You can make you own pot set, probiotic yoghurt for approximately $1.60/kg.

If you’ve never made yoghurt before, our suggestion would be to start with the Greek Yoghurt and Labne Kit. It comes with everything you need minus the milk products to get you started on making your own delicious yoghurt at home.

It’s also great for making lactose free and dairy free options like coconut yoghurt (check out our free recipe HERE)

Our electric  yoghurt makers are designed to make 1 litre at a time and comes with a inner BPA food grade pot. It is a 240v 9w electric machine, and the ice cream makers have a 1.5 litre capacity, and they come with a 12 month warranty against manufactures fault.

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