There are many good reasons why making cheese at home is a good idea. We’ve been making our own cheese for many years now.

With the wealth of our own extensive cheesemaking experience, we can confidently say that homemade cheese can be utterly delicious. Moreover, homemade cheese can be exceptionally good for your health. Let’s see how and why this is possible.

Why make cheese at home

First and foremost, you’ll know exactly what goes into your cheese. And you can ensure that only the freshest and healthiest ingredients are in it.

Making cheese at home is not rocket science. After all, milkmaids have been making cheese on mountain plateaus for centuries.

Making cheese is good for your budget. When you make your own cheese you pay only for the ingredients. When you buy cheese you’re also paying for packaging, store mark-up, freight and marketing.

Making cheese is fun and extremely rewarding. You can involve your family to help or you can have your own ‘me’ time while doing it. Either way, you can control the process and get the most out of it.

How to make cheese at home

We know that sometimes the thought of making cheese at home can feel daunting. Fear not, we’ve been doing cheesemaking for years. We’ve been taking the mystery out of the cheesemaking process by teaching and empowering everyone else to do the same.

We have an extensive amount of workshops that unlock a whole new world for home chefs, foodies and family kitchens. From most basic to most advanced and extensive workshops to satisfy everyone’s need.

Let us help you

You will be able to purchase the supplies and equipment from our Deli straight after the workshop. And most importantly you will leave with the confidence that you can make your own cheese in the comfort of your home. Join us for one of our workshops to unlock the world of cheesemaking at home.