Our September Deli News are here. We’ve highlighted a few cheeses for you to try in our Deli. Visit us to say hello, check what’s new and try some deliciously cheesy flavors.

We have an incredibly exciting cheese battle of Australia vs France coming up on our Zoom Cheese Club. Join us online or pop into our Deli to test out some of the most exquisite Australian and French cheeses. 

August Deli News

Must-Try Cheeses

We’ve carefully selected some of the most special cheeses for you to try. Get in quick while they’re last:

  • Ocelli with Whiskey. The full name of this cheese is Occelli ® al Malto d’orzo e Whisky, meaning Ocelli with Barley Malt and Whiskey. These carefully selected wheels age over a very long period of time before they get a coat of malted barley and whisky. The final result is a unique cheese with a strong and complex fragrance.

  • The Marcel Petite Comte (12 months). The Marcel Petite Comte offers a range of exceptional richness and flavor. When selecting Comté, the Marcel Petite cellar Master considers four key criteria: delicacy, subtlety, intensity and depth of flavor. Well worth trying!

  • La Tur. La Tur is a young, delicate cheese made from a blend of sheep’s, cow’s and goat’s milk. Production requires gentle handling of the curd in order to retain the high moisture level. The curds are drained in small molds before being turned out and matured for 15 days.

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September Deli News