September Workshops – The Slow Cheese

And no, we aren’t slowing down or stopping our workshops. Lyndall and Cheryl are off on an epic cheese journey throughout Europe for the month, leaving Mel and the team to keep things going.

You may have noticed our schedule is looking a little light for September.

Our online store will still be posting cheesemaking cultures, equipments and kits every Monday and Tuesday. The deli will continue to be open 9am-5pm 7days a week excluding the occasional morning where Mel might need open a little late to get a few things done….

So what’s this cheese journey about?

Every 2 years, cheesemakers, affineurs, producers, farmers, and enthusiasts gather in the Italian town of Bra for Cheese. Yep, CHEESE! Our favourite thing, so of course Lyndall had to head over for this years event. This is the most important Slow Food event and the ultimate cheese event for any passionate cheese lover. The focus is on the diversity of artisanal cheeses, the variations that come from different regions, landscapes and pastures, from raw milk, from local breeds, and from the skill of herders and cheesemakers. Anyone that’s explored our deli will know we have a love of artisan made, raw milk cheeses with a thirst for more.

Stay tuned for lots of amazing photos as she eats and drinks her way though some amazing scenery and the incredible locations all in the hunt of slow cheese.

Have a favourite cheese place you think she should visit? Give us a shout on social media!



Slow Cheese