In Coffs Harbour we have enjoyed a very short but chilly and dry winter, with the weather set to warm up and some very welcome rain, the tanks are full and the veggie garden is going off!

I love the change of season, away go the casserole dishes for another year, the stick blender is used for smoothies rather than soup, fruit and yoghurt replace the morning porridge and everything seems to lighten up. The change of season is also a time when I find my creative juices in the kitchen kick in, and over past few weeks I have been trying a few things, that are new to me. Recently I had a lady from Finnish decent attend a bakery workshop, she was describing a pulla bread her mum used to make so we gave it a go and I love it, so I thought I would share the recipe. How amazing is food it conjures up memories, creates new friends, there is always something to learn and you never know where and when a new food experience will happen.

I also often have people ask if I know how to make this or that cheese. So many cheeses are regionalĀ and getting the cheese to taste exactly how it tasted in that remote village in Italy is not possible, but I do like to try recipes to see how they turn out. If you have a cheese recipe that you are not sureĀ about I am more than happy to give it a go and see if it is achievable with the resources we have. New cheese recipes will be featured in our newsletters.