Start your home cheesemaking adventure with us in our most popular cheese making class – the Soft Cheesemaking Workshop

We’ve been offering it since the beginning, our original Soft Cheesemaking Workshop. Our most popular workshop introduces you to the magic of home cheesemaking. If you assumed that learning to make your own cheese at home involves complicated procedures and ingredients, be prepared to be proven wrong.

Over six fun hours, which are fully hands-on, you will learn how to heat milk and add cultures, turn the curd, mould and shape delicious cheese for your family and friends. We will show you how to make fetta and add your own herbs and flavourings.

Never rely on plastic-packaged, pricey supermarket cheeses again. It’s not just cost-effective to make your own cheese, it means that you can make your family’s staple cheeses wholesome and full of goodness – and without the unnecessary excess salt, chemical additives and food miles.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make camembert cheese we will show you that making this style of cheese, and its sister brie is in fact as easy as baking a cake – even easier, we think!

Not only will you learn the art of making camembert and feta, this workshop also includes, quark (cream cheese) mascarpone, ricotta and yoghurt.

But once we’ve whetted your appetite with this introductory cheese making class, we won’t leave you hanging. Our shop stocks the home cheese making kit to suit you and your tastes, allowing you to take home your new-found skills – to your family dinner table – right away. We have one of the best ranges of cheese making products in Australia, no matter your favourite cheese variety.

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Start your home cheesemaking adventure with us