Up until the 1880’s the natural souring of the milk or sour whey from the previous days cheese making was used as a starter. Today we use blends of freeze dried cultures to ensure we have a consistent product.

Choosing your cheese cultures or a “starter” to make your home made cheese should not be a difficult thing to do, so let’s simplify this. There are two main starters used in cheese making one is Mesophilic the other is Thermophilic. We name ours M starter for Mesophilic and T starter for Thermophilic.

Having a basic understanding of how and why the cheese cultures work will help you choose what you need. The purpose of the culture is to convert the lactose into lactic acid, to give your cheese its flavor and aroma. as well as aiding in preserving the cheese. M starter culture is used in cheese that is made at lower temperatures. M starter is the most commonly used starter and is used to make Camembert, Fetta, Chevre, Blue Vein, Farmer House Cheddar, Cheddar, Brie, Quark, and many others. T starter is used in cheese made at higher temperatures, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Washed Rind, Mascarpone to name a few.

Milk is a perfect medium for both good and bad bacteria to grow. The starter culture inoculates the milk with the good type of bacteria, which multiply by consuming the lactose in the milk. This raises the acidity and once the good bacteria have taken hold in the milk, they help prevent the bad bacteria from gaining a foothold. Although the good bacteria from your M or T starter helps prevent any bad bacteria from appearing in your cheese you still need to be vigilant about having a clean work area, and utensils.

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