Fires are still raging throughout our beautiful country and we want to send our love to everyone affected. We want to highlight how important supporting locals is during this difficult times. Local dairy industries need us like never before.

They say that cheap is never cheap, because someone, somewhere is always paying. Buying local dairy keeps more profits going to local farmers instead of the cheap $1 a litre milk which only profits the big chain’s.

Doing Our Part Locally

We try doing our part and always have as much Australian cheeses in the deli as we can. However, at the moment that’s proving quite hard. Transport is an huge issue across the country and there are numerous places and people that have sustained severe devastation. It will take some time for all of us all to recover and rebuild as a community.

Udder Delights Devastation

We wanted to share with you a heartbreaking story of Udder Delights cheese. This Adelaide Hills company will likely have to discard 40,000kg of cheese worth up to $1 million after power was cut for more than 24 hours because of the Cudlee Creek blaze.

The fire reached almost to the factory doors but it was saved. However unpackaged cheese in “ripening rooms” was smoke damaged and probably unsalvageable.

If all the cheese turns out to be unsaleable, stockists and customers will face a wait of six to eight weeks to see Udder Delights products on the shelves again. “You hope your customers stay with you,” says chief executive Sheree Sullivan.

The company held a “crisis meeting” on Monday while processing refunds for up to 600 customers who were due to pick up preordered, discount Christmas cheese packs.

Source: The Advertiser, 24 December 2019.

Supporting Locals

Sadly, Udder Delights are just one of many. There are entire herds that have been lost throughout Victoria. Supporting locals never meant more to the farmers and industry.

We are going to bring in as much Australian cheeses as possible as we are firm believers in supporting our local farmers. We also ask you, our cheese lovers to support locals during these difficult times. What you choose to buy matters like never before, so choose local.

Supporting locals