Masterchef talent scouts are attending Cheesemaking Workshops in the hope of discovering the next Master Chef star. The talent scouts are on the lookout for passionate foodies with big food dreams to feature in 2014 Master Chef.
A representative from Masterchef attended workshops in Sydney and flew to Coffs Harbour to attend a special Gnocchi Workshop and meet with enthusiastic cooks from the Mid North Coast. It was a fantastic opportunity for people in the area to show off their skills. The talent scout provided information on the Masterchef experience and recruitment process.

If you love cooking and want to take it further, apply today! You never know your homemade cheese might just be a secret weapon to win the competition.
If you do apply, don’t forget to let us know so we can get all home cheesemakers supporting you!

Follow the link for more information website. Good luck!–‐for–‐masterchef–‐2014.htm