We are taking the liberty to assume that we’re all cheese lovers here. If you are reading this blog, you are likely to be a person who loves to eat cheese, make your own cheese, cook with cheese or talk about cheese. Or all of the above, just like us. It’s time to taste cheese like a pro.

The tasting process

One of the greatest things about cheese is that there is always something new to discover about it. We want to talk about the tasting process. In other words, how to taste it like a pro. This means tasting it in a way that helps you to discover new and exciting flavours within it. Let’s see what to pay attention to when tasting cheese.

Room temperature

Take the cheeses out of the fridge for at least half an hour before serving. This allows the cheeses to be served at room temperature. If it’s too cold, you won’t get the fullness of the flavor. If it’s too warm, the cheese can start changing it’s texture.

Benefits of following the steps

Are you wondering why we suggest to follow the tasting steps? This way you’ll be able to notice more flavours and fall in love with many cheeses even more. It can also become an eye-opening experience of learning the flavours you personally love and the flavours you enjoy a little less. Above all, inviting someone along on your tasting journey makes it a fun and bonding experience.

Tasting steps

To taste cheese like a pro can sound overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve put the entire process into a series of simple steps. All you gotta do is: firstly look, secondly smell and finally taste. Easy cheesy! Once you’ve done it a few times it’ll become a second nature.


Sounds simple enough, right? Hold off on eating the mouthwatering bite for just a second and pause. Simply look at the cheese. Look at the colour, the rind if there is any. Is the texture consistent or changes towards the centre? Note, that the cheese colour can indicate what milk was used.


Okay, your mouth is really watering now, but hang on just a little longer. We promise it’ll be worth it. Smell the cheese. Sounds simple right? The sense of smell is an extremely important part to tasting the cheese flavour. So really take your time here, close your eyes if this helps to focus.


The moment has come to take a bite. We suggest slow and small bites. The smaller and slower you taste the cheese, the more flavour you can take in. You can allow the cheese to melt in your mouth, or slowly chew the cheese allowing it to cover your entire palate.

Pay attention as you taste and make a note of your personal preferences. We all taste things differently and this is the beauty in it. Now, let’s eat some cheese.

Taste Cheese Like a Pro