Mel has been teaching cheesemaking for half a decade, and has been running The Cheesemaking Workshop’s amazing deli for just under three years.

Extensively-travelled, she brings her constant curiosity and breadth of experience to cramming the deli’s shelves with more than 250 different types of cheese from across Australia and internationally.

To guarantee all our visitors a true taste adventure, Mel invests a considerable amount of her week researching, sourcing and talking about cheese with leading providores and experts. As well as being our die-hard in-house cheese guru, Mel is very generous with her knowledge – so ask her anything!

Mel has worked extensively in tourism, hospitality and retail. Her skills in creating and running our deli saw her win Young Entrepreneur at last year’s Sunny’s Business Awards.

A self-professed “gypsy”, she is a born and bred Coffs local, who returned to the area after several years spent living in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Western Australia and Canada – with trips to the UK, Asia, Mexico and the United States in between.

Why does she love working with cheese? “Cheese constantly keeps me interested,” she says. “It has such a huge history. You could learn about it your entire life and still only scratch the surface, plus it tastes delicious. We say that cheese is good for the soul – and it really is!”