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There’s so much more to cheese than simply how delicious it is. (Although, arguably, that’s the most important part!) Have you ever wanted to learn more about the complexity of cheese – and how its geography, the season in which it was made, and the cultures and milks, affect its delicate balance of flavours? Join our monthly cheese club and you’ll get to broaden your understanding of this amazing food, as well as your experience of taste – plus meet fellow aficionados while you’re at it!

We all know that wine and cheese go together, now think about pairing cheese with chocolate, nuts or beer, there are so many options! On the first Tuesday of each month, for club members only, we will be opening our doors between 5.30 and 6.30pm for a casual social and education evening. You will learn to discover and understand your cheeses intriguing flavours these will be paired with a variety of produce for enjoyment.


On the first Tuesday of each month you receive a selection of four carefully selected cheeses in peak condition ready for you to take home. These are accompanied by tasting notes and condiments, creating an educational a taste adventure to share with your family and friends.

That’s not all. Also on the first Tuesday of the month, we open our doors to club members between 5.30pm and 6.30pm for a casual social and foodie education evening, filled with wine, cheese and accompaniments that will surprise and delight your tastebuds. You will discover intriguing flavour and texture combinations, as well as which wines highlight the best out of your cheese.

Join The

Simply sign up by clicking on the link below. Subscription payments will be deducted each month. Once you register you will receive a welcome email and invitation to the cheese social evenings.

Want to bring someone with you? Your membership covers just you, but you can bring a guest for an extra $11 to enjoy the evening too. Please note, your guest will not be taking a cheese pack home unless they have pre-purchased a membership.

If you are not able to collect your cheeses on Tuesday or Tuesday evening, please let us know so we can care for your cheeses until you are able to collect them.

Cheese Club membership 1 person – $65 monthly
Cheese Club membership 2 person – $76 monthly
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Good afternoon Lyndall

Thank you for your hospitality and a fun filled weekend with your Pasta/Gnocchi and Bread making workshop

I have learnt so much  over the weekend, (and its not that difficult).

The package with the accommodation and the workshops is fantastic, (I will surely spread the word)

Best of luck with future workshops like this one.

Travel safe and have a Happy Christmas