Túró Cheese

Túró is a Hungarian curd cheese, comparable to Quark. Considered Hungary’s most popular cheese, it’s versatile, great to cook with and really easy to make at home. Traditionally made with either cow or ewes milk, we’ve adapted the recipe to what we have available.

We’ve been serving it with our Pulla Bread as a morning or afternoon tea treat.

1 litre of milk = 250g of Túró


  • 800 ml uht of milk (long life)
  • 200 mils of cultured buttermilk


First, make your cultured buttermilk

Add a pinch of cheese culture. Choose from either type M, type T or either of your probiotic yoghurt cultures (ABT or ABY) into 400 mils of pure cream. Leave out on the bench for 4 hours to culture.

Now to make the butter. Using the whisk attachment on a mix master, whip the cream on medium. It will thicken and become stiff then separate into butter and butter milk, the butter will collect on the whisk. Line a sieve with cheese cloth, place it over a bowl and tip the butter and buttermilk into the cheesecloth lined sieve. Scrap the butter off the whisk using a spatula.

Gather the cheesecloth around the butter to form a bag then rinse the butter under cold running water until water runs clear, gently squeeze the excess water out.

The buttermilk is ready to make Túró!

Then onto the Túró

Place milk and butter milk into an oven proof bowl and sit on top of a yoghurt pot to keep it warm. It needs to be held at a temperature approximately 40°c and left to incubate for 24 to 48 hours.

When the curd has set, place the oven proof bowl of curd into a preheated oven at 90°c, allow to cook in the oven for up to six hours. During this time the curd will separate from the whey and should be a little firm, if parts of your Túró is  still at a yoghurt consistency, leave it in the oven for another hour or until it is totally separated and firm.

Invert into a cheese cloth lined colander and hang for 2 to 3 hours to remove excess whey. Once drain, your Túró is ready to eat!

Refrigerate until needed.



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