This cheesemaking equipment is used to measure out both the liquid vegetarian rennet and calcium solution. The correct amount is important in home cheese making when some recipes are only using 1 mil or 1.2 mils to 4 liters of milk. Do you know what it’s called?

What-Cheesemaking-Equimpment-is-this?Correct answer: cheese making enzyme syringes

Home Cheesemaking

Lyndall has been teaching cheesemaking for over 12 years (and making cheese at home for much longer). Her renowned teaching skills of breaking down the cheesemaking process into easy and memorable steps is truly admirable. She demonstrates practical tricks so effortlessly, you can’t help but get inspired. Our online and in person courses are an incredible way to get a hold of her expertise!

We like to say that we take the mystery out of making cheese. Our workshops range from the exciting one-hour experiences to the full day advanced cheesemaking options. 

Imagine making your own Halloumi. Learn how to make Ricotta in under an hour. Make your own Fetta and season it just how you like it! We cover it all, from dreamy mascarpone, to brie, cheddar, and blue vein.

Cheesemaking equipment

We’re passionate about home cheesemaking. We offer all the cheesemaking equipment you can possibly need in your home cheesemaking journey. Think cultures, rennet, and kitchen tools just to name a few. Visit our Deli or check our website to see it all.