There’s cheese. And then there’s this.

Alain Cardinaux Gruyere 1655.

The biggest cheese to arrive on the Coffs Coast.

Gruyere has a long history, with dates recorded as far back as 1115 and is without a doubt, one of Switzerland’s most well-known and loved cheeses. The flavours are intense, floral and earthy. 

This Gruyère 1655 is made by master cheese maker Alain Cardinaux at the Aeschlenberg dairy. The milk is sourced from 6 small local farms and produces only 6 wheels each day. Over many years his cheeses have been consistently rated as one of the very best Gruyere’s produced in Switzerland and has been allocated the prestigious 1655 designation. The 1665 Gruyere uses locally sourced salt from Switzerland’s Bex Mountains, ensuring the cheese is an authentic reflection of this unique mountain terroir. Each wheel is then carefully aged by Fromage Gruyere, the last remaining Affineur Of Gruyere still located In the Gruyere region. 

The story behind the esteemed 1655 label comes from two brother that made an outstanding cheese in the Gruyeres region in the year 1655 using their own unique techniques. The brothers hearing a robbery taking place on a road near their home, ran to the rescue, fighting off the robbers with sticks. From the cart emerged a man dressed in rich garments that turned out to be the bailiff of the town Gryueres. The brothers unsure of what to do, offered respite in their humble home and some of their cheese. The gentleman left without much word, thanking his guests and returning to his journey. Weeks later, the brothers received a request from the man who was so impressed with their cheese, he asked to have their cheeses reserved exclusively for his relations in exchange for a generous sum of money. And to this day 1655 is a sign of exceptional quality.

We have a full 33kg+ wheel arriving this month and we’ll be cutting the cheese in the deli on Saturday 31st August. Stay tuned for details!